Dr Matt Turner

Reader in Mathematics

Department of Mathematics,
University of Surrey,
GU2 7XH.

Telephone: +44(0)1483 686183
Fax: +44(0)1483 686071

email: M.Turner@surrey.ac.uk

Research Interests

My research interests center around fluid dynamics problems, and in particular fluid stability problems. I'm currently interested in four main areas, with other interests branching off of these.

1- Receptivity: I'm interested in calculating the amplitude of the unstable Tollmien-Schlichting (T-S) wave at the lower branch neutral stability point on aerodynamic bodies. We have achieved this by using the far downstream asymptotic form of the leading edge solution as an upstream boundary condition to the numerical Parabolized Stability Equation (PSE). Results from these calculations have proved in line with experiments and full numerical simulations, however there are still issues which need to be adressed to improve the agreement.

2- Vortex Dynamics: I'm interested in calculating decay rates of perturbations in vortices. This area includes running a fully non-linear Navier-Stokes code and comparing results with asymptotic analysis. We hope to understand how cat's eyes form, and how their formation affects the decay of the vortex. This will then extend to look at what happens when these cat's eyes overlap.

3- Stabilty of Jets: This research looks at the stabiltiy of injecting jets, in particular injecting Diesel jets in car engines. My work in this area is concerned with improving the breakup models used in CFD models to generate spray penetration lengths and spray droplet distributions which agree with experiments.

4- Sloshing: This research investigates the dynamics interaction between a sloshing fluid and the vessel carrying the fluid. This work has applications to the transport of liquids along roads, maritime fluid transport, and industrial applications such as tuned liquid dampers (TLDs) which give stability to buildings which are built in earthquake prone regions.

For more details and information on my research interests take a look at my research page .


A list of my publications can be found here.


MAT3041 - Fluid Mechanics

MAT2001 - Numerical and Computational Methods

List of projects supervised

If you are interested in doing a PhD then email me to discuss possible projects.

Academic Jobs

PGR Programme Director

Other Interests

Outside of work, I like to watch sports, and I support both Chelsea FC and my home team Norwich City FC. As well as football I'm a big cricket fan, and I love to watch England play, and I hope to see Surrey play sometime. When I was in Exeter, I was a member of the Erratics CC who play friendly games of cricket all around Devon and parts of Cornwall. While I was doing my PhD in Norwich I also played for Marlingford CC. I class myself as a wicket keeper/batsman, although sometimes my performances suggest otherwise. I am currently looking for a similar style of team to play for in Surrey.

I moved to Exeter in March of 2006, where I spent 3 years as a post doc. I then moved to Brighton and spent 2 more years as a post doc before I was offered a lectureship at the University of Surrey.

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