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  1. University of Surrey (UK), 2018—present
    Principal PhD Supervisor
    of Tommaso Macrelli with Alessandro Torrielli as Secondary PhD Supervisor
  2. University of Surrey (UK), 2017—present
    Principal PhD Supervisor
    of Lorenzo Raspollini with Jan Gutowski as Secondary PhD Supervisor
  3. University of Surrey (UK), 2015—present
    Secondary PhD Supervisor
    of Joakim Strömvall with Alessandro Torrielli as Principal PhD Supervisor
  4. University of Surrey (UK), 2014—present
    BSc/MMath/MSc project supervisor
  5. University of Surrey (UK), 2013—2016
    Collaborative PhD Supervisor
    Alessandro Torrielli and I jointly supervised Antonio Pittelli
  6. University of Surrey (UK), 2012—2015
    Secondary PhD Supervisor
    of Fabrizio Nieri with Sara Pasquetti as Principal PhD Supervisor
  7. University of Surrey (UK), 2012
    UG project supervisor
    8-week undergraduate research project supported by the Nuffield Foundation
  8. University of Surrey (UK), 2011—present
    This post involves academic and pastoral care of students. I also take part in the admissions process by means of interviews.
  9. Wolfson College (UK), 2010—2011
    College tutor
    This post involved pastoral care of students. I was responsible for about 80 students. It also included taking part in the admissions process by means of interviews.


  1. University of Surrey (UK), 2018
    Linear algebra
  2. University of Surrey (UK), 2017
    Linear algebra
  3. University of Surrey (UK), 2016
  4. University of Surrey (UK), 2016
    Linear algebra
  5. University of Surrey (UK), 2015
    Linear algebra
  6. University of Surrey (UK), 2014/15
    Operations research and optimisation
  7. University of Surrey (UK), 2014
    Linear algebra
  8. University of Surrey (UK), 2014
    Introduction to relativity
  9. University of Surrey (UK), 2013
    (Introduction to) Relativity
  10. University of Cambridge (UK), 2009
    Gluon scattering amplitudes, twistors, and integrability
  11. Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany), 2005/06
    Quantum field theory
  12. Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany), 2005
    General relativity
  13. Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany), 2004
    General relativity

Teaching Assistant

  1. Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany), 2004/05
    Theoretical mechanics and electrodynamics
  2. Leibniz Universität Hannover (Germany), 2003/04
    Theoretical mechanics and electrodynamics

I have also tutored other modules which are not listed above. These include advanced quantum mechanics (Leibniz Universität Hannover) as well as advanced statistical mechanics and quantum field theory (Duke University).