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Welcome to Tim Brown's Home Page. I am working as a lecturer in RF, Antennas and Propagation at the Instutute for Communication Systems (ICS) (Formerly Centre for Communication Systems Research - CCSR) at the University of Surey. My post began in 2007, where I am now actively teaching on both undergraduate and postgraduate master level courses withint department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I am supervising 6 PhD candidates and coordinating projects in a wide range of topics on antenna design, propagation channel modelling and RF test and measurement, which include both our 5G Innovation Centre and working with other departments in the faculty. I also hold a number of administrative roles in the department including being director of postgraduate studies, IET student advisor, exchange programmes and assisting with admissions. In 2011 I qualified as a chartered engineer.

From November 2004 to December 2006 I worked as a Research Fellow (or Assistant Research Professor in local terms) at Aalborg University in Denmark, within the Department of Electronic Systems and working within the Antennas, Propagation and Radio Networking Section. My research interests are working towards Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems with a focus on stochastic modelling of antennas and propagation at the mobile for use in broadband communications. More information can be found from released publications.

In 2002, I completed my PhD with thesis title "Antenna Diversity for Mobile Terminals", also within the then CCSR. My supervisor was Prof Simon Saunders. I also have past industrial experience with Nortel Networks and Nokia Mobile.

After completing my PhD in October 2002, I began two year's term of office as a sabbatical officer working as General Secretary of the National Postgraduate Committee (NPC).

Research Interests

My research interests cover a broad range of areas that include antenna design, radio propagation modelling, RF system and circuit design as well as aspects of micrwoave printed circuit design. For a full list of publications, please click on the following link. My past and current research experience includes the following areas:

Enquiries are welcome regarding commercial research projects both in the above areas and related areas. Furthermore, I have responsibility for a number of radio laboratory faciltiies held within CCSR that include a wideband MIMO channel sounder, anehcoic chamber along with the accompanying test and measureement equipment. Our equipment is available for rental, also with the support of staff time at competitive rates. For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. More information about our equipment is available online.

New book released in 2012 - Follow this link for more information. A library of MATLAB codes and other resources referred to in the book are available here.

Teaching Duties

I have major teaching responsibilities in the following four modules at undergraduate and master level:

Another aspect of my teaching responsibilities include being course director for three of our continuing professional development courses, which consist of short courses lasting one week. The three courses I have responsibility for are Antennas and Propagation, RF Systems and Circuits and Microwave Engineering. For more information about these courses please click on the following link.

Other Administrative Responsibilities

Within the department I have responsibility for a number of administrative roles.

Primarily I am the director of postgraduate studies for the department.

I am the department advisor for the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Information for students about IET is available on a local page at the following link.

I am also the exchange programmes tutor for the department, where I oversee both incoming students and outgoing ones. For general information about exchange programmes in the University, please visit: www.surrey.ac.uk/exchanges. For incoming students, you will also find it of use to visit the following two pages regarding module choices within the Electronic Engineering department:

I am also a faculty representative to the student experience subcommittee and also provide informal assistance to the Electronics and Amateur Radio Society (EARS) . I also help out on University open days.

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